Designers and Makers of Unique Noah's Arks, Wooden Toys and Puzzles for all ages.

"Making toys and puzzles means we never have to grow up."


We have been designing and making wooden toys for many years. The designs are a collaboration between Barry's ingenuity and Gail's background in education.
We both have a love of wildlife and are passionate conservationists hence the desire to create Arks and the strong animal theme throughout  our work.
Influenced by traditional  Folk Art movements from around the world, every piece is hand made and painted or stained by us.
Whilst each piece is designed to stimulate and educate through the use of colour and shape many of the designs are whimsical and encourage interaction and discussion.

283f77c6-4270-47ff-b24e-9bec55a6e652jpgFrom our most popular Puzzle Ark to fully hand carved Arks and their passengers, we pride ourselves on originality and quality.

283f77c6-4270-47ff-b24e-9bec55a6e652jpg In addition to Arks we are constantly designing new and exciting pieces such as the Whale and its marine creature contents.

283f77c6-4270-47ff-b24e-9bec55a6e652jpg We create a range of balancing vertical puzzles which includes Elephants, Bears, Whales, Cats, Pigs and Hippos.